Benefits of Registering

Registering your Dealership with Tractor Trader is fast and once complete you can take advantage of the many exclusive software options to help you save you office time, maximise the web and sell more machines.

What unique benefits does Tractor Trader provide?

NO LIMIT listings of advertised machines on the web through Tractor for a low cost monthly subscription.

An exclusive automated load up facility onto the web, Tractor Trader and a dealers own website  through Ibcos Gold Software This new facility is exclusive to Tractor Trader through Ibcos Gold Software - Please contact us or your IBCOS representative for more information.

  • A unique comprehensive back office stock control system
  • A powerful browse and search interactive database of machines
  • Pre-formatted sheets to help prepare adverts and valuations
  • Automatic edit facility including up to 5 photos
  • Free tractor match service
  • Email stock information and photos with ease to buyers
  • Transmit machine details to agricultural publications in seconds
  • Sell or buy your stock easily, effectively and quickly
  • A National Dealers Network database
  • New machinery Buyers Guide
  • Find Hauliers, Finance, Parts/Spares, Tyres, Hire machines and other quotes

How much does all this cost?

Subscribing to Tractor Trader is only £25.00 plus VAT per week for the main branch. Other branches are only £6.25 plus VAT per week - paid by monthly standing order over a twelve month contract.

The use of the Ibcos upload up facility to Tractor Trader and your own site is FREE to dealers subscribing to Tractor Trader and Ibcos Gold

We hope you join us - Today