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Welcome to Tractortrader.co.uk - the UK's premier online marketplace for buying and selling new and pre-owned agricultural machinery. New to Tractortrader.co.uk? Your first time using us? - don't worry; everything has been designed for speed and simplicity. Our Help Centre will have the answers to most of your questions. But if you can't find the answer you need in our help section or in frequently asked questions below, try contacting us via our contact us page.

If you are a agricultural dealer or dealership and would like to benefit from the many unique features of Tractor Trader, then gives us a call and we will get in contact with you to either send you more details or make an appointment to come and see you.

What are the advantages to using Tractor Trader?

Tractor Trader is the industry premier trading site and has been specially designed for any one to use (private or trade) to sell or buy new and used agricultural machinery. Users can place an advert on Tractor Trader for it to be viewed by thousands of potentials buyers worldwide 24/7 - there's nothing quite like it.

For Agricultural Dealers registering with Tractor Trader it is fast and once complete you can take advantage of the many exclusive software options to help you save you office time, maximise the web and sell more machines.

Tractor Trader provides these many unique benefits:

  • Tractor Trader is the UK's most advanced online trading site for selling and buying new and used agricultural machines.
  • We have the very best dealership packages available in the UK.
  • Unlimited load up of your machines onto the web for Dealerships
  • Market your machines to 1000s of potential Global buyers automatically.
  • Contact your buyers and create adverts in seconds
  • Manage your adverts online automatically with ease.
  • Organise your machines in Tractor Trader's unique stock control.
  • Huge business generator
  • Instant access to a targeted audience 24/7
  • Powerful embedded browse and search engine
  • Ease of upload and edit facility
  • Hyperlinks to your own corporate website
  • Clicks to all your other items for sale within the site
  • No middlemen or commissions to pay
  • Free tractor match system to help locate a buyer

Plus an exclusive automated load up facility onto the web, Tractor Trader and a dealers own website  through Ibcos Gold Software This new facility is exclusive to Tractor Trader through Ibcos Gold Software - Please contact us or your IBCOS representative for more information.

Tractor Trader and Ibcos Gold working together to create a total one-stop shop for all agricultural dealers.

Receive a free Tractor Trader training session on your premises to ensure you can take full advantage of all the facilities of this unique Tractor Trader site and the Ibcos Gold new automated web access.

How do I list an advert on Tractor Trader?

If you are new to Tractor Trader you will have to register with us first. Once completed you will then be able to prepare your advert, list it on the site and then monitor its interest 24/7.
We have designed our site with lots of drop down boxes to help you prepare your adverts in seconds. However, if you are a registered user with Tractor Trader and you use Ibcos Gold software, you can use our joint fully automated load up facility onto Tractortrader.co.uk. Do you want to know more about this feature? Please contact us or Ibcos Gold and we will help you.

What is the cost of placing an advert?

If you are a private seller you can place as many items on Tractor Trader at any time. Each item advertised costs £5.00 plus VAT for a period of 28 days. By placing an advert within Tractor Trader you will be incurring charges from us appertaining to your advert or adverts. Please note VAT is applicable to all charges.

Dealers are able to take advantage of our special dealer contract, which provides for 12-month exposure with no limit to the items you can advertise at any one time, plus a host of other exclusive benefits. For further information please contact the customer service department listed on this website.

Our costs for most dealers subscribing to Tractor Trader is only £25.00 plus VAT per week for the main branch. Other branches are only £6.25 plus VAT per week - paid by monthly standing order over a twelve month contract.

The use of the automated Ibcos Gold upload up facility to Tractor Trader and your own site is FREE to dealers subscribing to Tractor Trader and Ibcos Gold

How do I pay for my listing?

Your payments for any/all private adverts will be through our web site. No private advert will appear until the charge has be accepted and paid via our secure online payment facility.  To process your transaction we will refer you to our payment page where we will take the appropriate on-line payment via a secure server connection to ensure its security and safety. Payments can be made using: Visa, MasterCard, Delta, American Express, Solo and Switch. No other payments will be acceptable. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety for your payment, Tractor Trader cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the payment process.

Dealers are able to take out a low cost monthly standing order to cover their full use of the site, including NO LIMIT listing of their machines to advertise on Tractor Trader.

Advert duration?

Advertisers are offered various periods of time for their advert to appear within the Tractor Trader website. These differing periods and rates are set out in the booking form and all commence from the date of placing the order. Please note all adverts will normally be listed for 4 weeks (28 days). Thereafter you will be sent an email advising you that the advert is about to be removed from the site. If you sell the item within the 4-week advertising period it is your responsibility to remove the item from the site. You can choose to re-advertise the item, but you will be incurring new charges.

Dealers can list their adverts for any length of period, providing they have entered into an exclusive Tractor Trader 12-month contract.

How can I advertise my business or service on Tractor Trader?

There are very cost effective ways of advertising your business on Tractor Trader. If you are a Dealership in the agricultural machinery industry we have complied a very cost effective and exclusive package for you. Simply make contact with us and we will phone you to arrange to visit you or send you the details.

Additionally, we also have included other services on the home page and some unique opportunities for banner advertising which you may like to be included in. Please contact us, if you would like further information.

Is it easy to change an advert once it's live?

Yes, at any time you are able to log onto your item for sale and either edit the text, the price, or photos. Dealers using the Ibcos Gold software to update their Tractor Trader site will need to do nothing - it will be done automatically.

Can I change my user name and/or password?

Changing your user name and/or password, simply log on and edit your details

How easy is it to use the search buttons?

Searching for an item of agricultural machinery can be achieved by either a general browse of all the categories listed or by narrowing the search down using drop down boxes.

How do I contact the seller of an item for sale?

All the sellers contact details are listed along side the item for sale - either use the email facility provided or phone them if the number is listed

Who will see my advert?

All adverts will be available to view 24/7 by 1000s of interested global buyers and sellers. It is also heavily optimised on all the major search engines.

Can I list my dealership on Tractor Trader?

Tractor Trader is specially designed for Dealers. It's more than an online trading site - it's a complete Sales and Marketing tool for your business - complete with Stock Control System. You can list as many machines as you like at any time.

We have included a National Dealers Directory and should you like to advertise your business in this section, please get in touch with us vai our Contact Us page and we will assist you.

How many photos can I include in my advert?

All private sellers can include upto 4 photos whilst Dealer users can include upto 8 photos per machine.

Are their any middlemen or commissions to pay?

No there are no middlemen or commissions to pay. The only charges are the advertised insertion charges if you are a private seller. If you are a dealer you will be asked to pay the low-cost monthly fee - thereafter there are no other charges. Should you use the Ibcos Gold software to automatically up load Tractor Trader with your machines, there is no other charges other than the normal Tractor Trader and Ibcos Gold fees.

Can I have a hyperlink to my website?

Yes, any subscriber (private or trade) can hyperlink their advert/adverts to their own associated agricultural machinery website. We cannot guarantee the safety of any hyperlink to other website which is not under the control of Tractor Trader. We are not able to endorse the material or content contained within the other sites. You are able to establish a link to our site providing you have our written agreement to do so.

What is the Tractor match facility?

Subscribers to the site can leave a message regarding a particular item of agricultural machinery you are seeking. Once the tractor match facility has located a near match you will receive an email to inform you

Can I list my item on the home page?

Only dealers who have entered into a contract with Tractor Trader can advertise their machines in the “featured” section on the home page for FREE. But all new items will appear on the homepage straight after listing within the 'Recent Items' Section.

If I am a dealer how many items can I list and what special annual contracts are available?

There are No LIMITS to the amount of items you can advertise within Tractor Trader at any one time over the 12-month contract period.
We have special low-cost monthly contracts for either a single branch dealer or a multi branch dealer from only £25.00 per week plus VAT. Please contact us for further details.

How does the joint Tractor Trader and Ibcos Gold automated load up system work?

Firstly you need to have a 12 month contract with Tractor Trader and an ongoing contract with Ibcos Gold. All new comers to this joint arrangement will have a free onsite training session to ensure they are fully conversant with the system. Basically, once machines are imputed into the Ibcos Gold system they can be transferred onto the web, Tractor Trader and your own site if required with NO RE-TYPING. For further information, please contact Tractor Trader or your Ibcos Gold representative.

The Market Place - What is it, what does it provide and how?

It's ideal for Manufacturers to promote their brands and models and their dealer networks. Additionally companies servicing the agricultural industry can also take advantage of our visitor traffic i.e. Insurance providers, Finance companies,  Transportation, Tyres, Servicing/Parts, Dealerships, Hire/leasing. We have also included a National Dealer Network - it's great for any dealership to get noticed. For any of the above, just give us a call and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

We have also created banner adverts on the home page and on all other pages throughout the site. The home page banner space is ideal for companies wanting major exposure and a national presence. The inner pages are ideal for the regional company and those wanting relevant connection. Fees for home page banner advertising reflect the superb exposure. Companies requiring regional exposure can choose the region/regions most suited their area of trading.

Visitors can click onto any of the services and either search for information, or request information.

You are invited to place your business/service under any of these sections. If you wish to do, please contact Tractor Trader and we will discuss your requirements.

New Machinery Buyers Guide. If you use the New Machinery Buyers Guide, you can search for new machines by either brand or type. Viewing the results we can view which dealers sell which machines and where they are located against which brand. There is a small fee for manufacturers set against each product section they operate in - please call us for details.

National Dealers Network. We have listed dealers by region. You can select a dealer to view by either franchise or location. If the dealer has machines listed on Tractor Trader, you can click through to their machines instantly. If you would like to advertise your dealership with us, please contact to discuss your needs.