Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions set out the methods of using Tractor Trader internet trading site for the purchasing and selling of new and used agricultural machinery. They govern all our services as set out below. Tractor Trading will not accept any deviation by users and customers of the site, unless such terms and conditions were agree in writing.

Tractor Trader is a unique on-line trading site for the buying and selling of new and used agricultural machinery. The use of this site is for both private and dealership sales. Complimentary farming services and major manufactures of agricultural machinery are also listed within Tractor Trader and you are able to contact them through this website. The principle activity of this site is to provide the ability for users to advertise new and used agricultural machinery for sale or to purchase. Tractor Trader is not party to any transaction between the seller and the buyer. Tractor Trader cannot guarantee the suitability or the reliability of any item located on the site.

Tractor Trader retains your details within our systems and from time to time may wish to contact you regarding various new services and information updates where we believe will be of importance to you. We may also pass your contact details onto responsible third parties for the same reasons. If you would prefer us not to do this you can advice us of this via this site or by contacting us direct at the address listed.

By submitting an advertisement on the Tractor Trader website you are deemed to have understood and agreed the terms and conditions as laid out here. These terms and conditions and the contract, which they form, are part of English law. All references to the “customer” refers to the person or company making representation to place an advert or adverts on the Tractor Trader website. All reference to “us” refers to Tractor Trader.  The service provided by Tractor Trader makes available the facility to prepare and upload an advertisement for various items of agricultural machinery for sales, for hire, or wanted on the Tractor Trader web site.

Contracted Dealers to Tractor Trader are also able to use Ibcos Gold Software as a method to automatically upload machinery details and associated photos direct to Tractor Trader and their own website. This feature is only available to users having the appropriate software from Ibcos Gold and paying the normal Ibcos Gold fees. Please note, users of the feature must ensure machinery information is keyed correctly into  Ibcos Gold. Adverts created on Tractor Trader via Ibcos Gold will only list information keyed into the Ibcos Gold interface, therefore it is very important to record the machinery information into the Ibcos Gold screens accurately.

We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. Persons under 18 years of age may not advertise in Tractor Trader.

Periods of advertising

Private advertisers are offered various periods of time for their advert to appear within the Tractor Trader website. These differing periods and rates are set out in the booking form and all commence from the date of placing the order. Please note all adverts will normally be listed for 4 weeks (28 days). If you sell the item within the 4-week advertising period it is your responsibility to remove the item from the site. If you are a Dealer contracted to Tractor Trader your advertised machines will remain listed until you remove them. Machines listed via the Ibcos Gold software will be automatically removed once sold.


From time to time, Tractor Trader, will be required to carry out routine maintenance and service improvements to the site. This activity will be kept to the minimum and at such time as to lessen any disruption from affecting the overall running of the site. Therefore, we are not able to fully guarantee that an advert will run continuously and be viewed for the period of contract. Where an advert does not appear as requested and paid for, due to reasons of maintenance or upgrades, we will compensate the customer by providing additional days of exposure equal to the days lost. Where the site is not fully operational due to reasons beyond our control and knowledge we will compensate the customer for lack of advertising days in proportion to the standard rates or new days equal to the days lost. Tractor Trader's liability for breach of contract or negligence shall not exceed the cost of the advert placed, providing that nothing in this clause shall limit Tractor Trader liability for death or personnel injury caused by our negligence or that of our service, agents or personnel.

Managing your advert

The information is provided without warranty or any kind. Tractor Trader gives no warranties either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a purpose.
All advert content, including text and photos, must be legal, decent, honest and truthful and must comply with all British Codes of Advertising. Tractor Trader cannot, nor will not, verify the accuracy and truthfulness of any advert content placed on the site. It remains the ownership of the customer to ensure that all advert statements; copy content, photographs and prices are correct and legal. Tractor Trader will not be help responsible, in any way, for any disputes arising from content discrepancies. All responsibilities for any losses, expenses and other costs incurred by Tractor Trader due to any advert inaccuracies remain with the customer. To ensure that the customers adverts are accurate, legal and technically acceptable, Tractor Trader reserve the right to edit, amend or alter the text or any image. If possible, Tractor Trader will contact the customer to inform them of these changes prior to be made. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to accept the customer's advert, we will attempt to contact the customer to inform them of our intended actions. Adverts that are subsequently rejected will be refunded. All advert content, including photos, will remain within our copyright ownership and you hereby assign such copyright ownership to us. Please note, advert details uploaded via the Ibcos Gold software will only list photos and machine details as listed into the Ibcos Gold screens.

Payment details

Your payments for any/all adverts will be through our web site. To process your transaction we will refer you to payment transaction page/facility where we will take the appropriate on-line payment via a secure server connection to ensure its security and safety. Payments can be made using: Visa, MasterCard, Delta, American Express, Solo and Switch. No other payments will be acceptable. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety for your payment, Tractor Trader cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the payment process. Dealerships can enter into a 12-month low cost annual contract which provides a huge range of benefits - for further details please contact us.