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Welcome to the UK's and Europe's Premier Online Market Place for the Buying and Selling of New and Pre-owned Agricultural machinery. The new low cost easy way to sell or find your ideal Tractor, Harvester and much more. With 1000s of items for sale, Tractor Trader provides easy access to the best online deals on new and used agricultural machinery and equipment throughout the UK.

  • Looking to Buy - Search or browse this huge database of agricultural machinery to easily find what you need
  • Looking to sell - you are just a few clicks away from a massive audience

It's the only site you need!

Tractortrader.co.uk is the industry premier trading site and has been specially designed for any one to use (private or trade) to sell or buy new and used agricultural machinery. Users can place an advert on Tractortrader.co.uk for it to be viewed by thousands of potentials buyers worldwide 24/7 - there's nothing quite like it.

There are very cost effective ways of advertising your business on Tractortrader.co.uk. If you are a Dealership in the agricultural machinery industry we have complied a very cost effective and exclusive package for you. Simply make contact with us and we will phone you to arrange to visit you or send you the details.

Featured listing adds that extra exposure to your advert during the time of your listing - these adverts will appear on the tractortrader.co.uk home page and will be seen regularly when users visit the site. If you would like to learn more about making your advert a Featured Advert then please read more in the Help Centre. Don't forget - Dealers have this facility for free!

Tractor Trader provides the following exclusive standard benefits to all users of the site:

  • Powerful UK based interactive database of used and new agricultural machinery to sell or buy (either trade or private).
  • Huge business generator
  • Instant access to a targeted audience 24/7
  • Powerful embedded browse and search engines
  • Ease of upload and edit facility
  • Fully automated load up facility of your machines onto the web, Tractor Trader and your own website using the Ibcos Gold software. This feature is exclusive to Tractor Trader and is designed to save you office time, access the web with ease and sell more machines. There is nothing like it. Please contact us or ┬áIbcos Gold if you would like further information about this unique feature.
  • Unique dealership stock control system and sales tool.
  • NO LIMIT to the amount of items you can advertise at any one time through our dealership annual contract
  • Cost effective
  • Hyperlinks to your own corporate website
  • Clicks to all your other items for sale within the site
  • No middlemen or commissions to pay
  • Free tractor match system to help locate a buyer
  • Proactive marketing

Searching for an item of agricultural machinery can be achieved by either a general browse of all the categories listed or by narrowing the search down using drop down boxes.
All adverts will be available to view 24/7 by 1000s of interested buyers and sellers. It is also heavily optimised on all the major search engines.

No there are no middlemen or commissions to pay. The only charges are the advertised insertion charges if you are a private seller. If you are a dealer you will be asked to pay the low-cost monthly fee - thereafter there are no other charges.

Remember, as a dealer there are NO LIMITS to the amount of items you can advertise within Tractor Trader at any one time over the 12-month contract period.

We have special low-cost monthly contracts for either a single branch dealer or a multi branch dealer from only £25.00 per week plus VAT. Please contact us for further details.

Complimentary services and major manufactures of agricultural machinery are also listed within Tractor Trader and you are able to contact them through this website. The principle activity of this site is to provide the ability for users to advertise new and used agricultural machinery for sale or to purchase. Tractor Trader is not party to any transaction between the seller and the buyer. Tractor Trader cannot guarantee the suitability or the reliability of any item located on the site.

Advertisers are offered various periods of time for their advert to appear within the Tractor Trader website. These differing periods and rates are set out in the booking form and all commence from the date of placing the order. Please note all private adverts will normally be listed for 4 weeks (28 days). Thereafter you will be sent an email advising you that the advert is about to be removed from the site. We will contact you via email to ask if you require this addition exposure. If you sell the item within the 4-week advertising period it is your responsibility to remove the item from the site.

Using Tractor Trader is so easy. Whether you have something to sell or looking to buy, simply click on the appropriate button on the home page and follow the quick route to your needs. At any stage of using Tractor Trader should you require further assistance simply checkout our Frequent Questions, or simply contact us. We are never far away from you.

If you are a Dealer and would like to advertise your business within Tractor Trader we have some great deals and an unbeatable support service specially tailored for you. Simply contact us and we will call to arrange to visit you or send you details.